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Psychotic Kitty

The look on your face is delicate...

19 March
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about me:

24. Female. Married. Brisbane, Australia. DJ= my husband of one year, we dated for about 5 years before tying the knot, he is the best most important person in my life. Max= my siamese male cat, who is white and gorgeous in ever way. snuggles/wenchy/whorey= my other slut of a cat, of whom i named this journal after, she is the original psycho kitty. tiggy and myrh= my dads cats that i am cat sitting. i have three younger brothers, and a beautiful baby sister. my parents are divorced. my dad and stepmom live in england. i work part time as a payroll officer for sucky action supermarkets. i'm also a part time student, i just returned to study this year, and i'm limiting myself to the one subject, which is chemistry. i'll often ramble about work and my home life, because i stress a lot. i have fibromyalgia, which is triggered by stress and weather changes, i only mention it occasionally, when i'm having a very bad day. i can never find the right thing to say to people when they're upset, no matter how empathetic i feel. i've talked enough about myself, right?

cats, storms, a good book, stargate fanfics, photoshop, sometimes i like iconing, chocolate, lasagne, tiramisu icecream, lillies, waterfalls, the mountains, fireplaces, my tv, my stuffed white cat, my husband.

cruelty to animals, cruel people in general, bullies, kids crying(cause then i cry), stupid/annoying people, people who don't understand the basics of common sense, repeated stupid spelling mistakes(even my own), hypocrites, shallowness(yes even my own lol), mandy(from work), telstra/bigpond, things not going my own way, my selfishness.

guh where do i begin

michael/sara, veronica/logan, kate/jack, kate/sawyer(so sue me, i can't decide), sam/jack.

"Andi is caring and sweet (when she wants to be), is fun to chat with if you aren't stupid and you have stuff in common with her, and is a great graphic designer! If you feel like you've gotten on her bad side, it's only because you're probably a dumbass." audiologic

"Andi is kind (for the most part) and is a wonderful graphic person. She can be funny and very outgoing but she does tend to have a bit of a temper. She is also very secrative for she wont tell us her husbands real name." ibleedmagenta

"ANDI this is how I see u. You are a responsible, caring, sexy biatch. You are an animal lover. You are productive when you want to be (that means when u HAVE to go to work haha). You're so cute, ur so funny, and ur so pretty. I HEART you!! Also, very helpful! And a GREAT friend! I LOVE UR ANIMALS!!" xmygoodiesx

"Andi is one of the sweetest on my friends list. She makes THE most amazing graphics and she's fricken gorgeous! She always knows the right thing to say and her posts always amuse me. ♥" daisygirl_1315

"Andi is funny but also honest. She isn't afraid to say exactly what she thinks, and I like that! She can also be sweet when she wants to ;) Definitely a great person to have on my f-list!" yarmachica

"Andi makes funny entries in her lj and has the coolest graphics. I wish I had half her talent. She's a very cool person to have on your f-list!" bennet_7

"Andi is a great person! She can be a bit crazy at times, but that's what makes her even better ;) I'm so glad I met her and that she's on my f'list" watchasifall

"sico_kitty can't spell the word 'psycho'. but other than that, she's pretty awesome." codestothestars

"Andi is great. And while I'll admit I haven't known her long and that I only know her through/on LJ, I still think she's awesome. She's an amazing LJ friend who always leaves the best comments. I'm so glad she's on my flist. ♥" spaceyme

"andi is v. pretty pretty :]" xglamour_dollx

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