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sorry guys....lj cull


I know I don't update often, but I do check my flist DAILY ok? Sadly I just don't do LJ anymore and I contemplated just deleting the whole thing but there are too many awesome memories. So I did massive friends/community cull. I've kept those of you who I have a very special connection to, or those who I could not get through the week without reading about. My life online is getting smaller and smaller, so it's something that sadly had to happen.

I apologise to all the people I've removed. It's been lovely getting to know you, and knowing you, all . Please don't be offended, or insulted, it was a pretty hard thing to do to be honest, but I think given the amount I update, you probably understand.

Again thankyou to everyone who took the time to comment on the mundane and exciting parts of my life, and for sharing in the special events of my marriage, pregnancy, and parenthood. The latter being the main reason I no longer journal.

Some photos for the road, and so you can see how big my little boy is now:

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friends cut

I just did a large friends cut. I feel like I have to cite reasons, so:

-you abandoned your journal
-we didn't click
-we didn't make an effort to get to know each other
-we don't connect anymore

My biggest reason, is I don't have much LJ time anymore, which is making me a bad friend to you guys.

I hope there are no hard feelings.
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Friends Cut


I just did a small friends cut. I feel really bad. I've never cut anyone before, but there are a lot of you who arent really updating anymore, or we just haven't made any effort to get to know each other.

Please don't be mad.

Comments are screened if you want to say anything.
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new layout for Psychotic Kitten!!!!!

ok it's nothing fantastic, but i'm really proud of myself for working out how to make such a pimping menu lol. i'm limited to a very very basic knowledge of html, and google. hehe!!

oh and i made some icons!!!11111 i made my first ever prison break and bones icons! :-) it's only a small batch, but i spent a crazy amount of time on them, when i should of really been sleeping. oh well. lol.


Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

(the rest here)

spot the ships!! lol

And, I watched GA again, cause my husband was curious about what happened, with you know what, and DUDE i teared up again. seriously, the most beautiful show ever. brilliant.

I feel naked without my 100 userpics. i really should top up my account but i'm too lazy to go through the hassle of getting out my credit card and filling out the form and stuff. eh.
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this wall between us


For me!!

audiologic and myself have opened a joint icon community!!!!! yay!

it's got a total of three posts in it so far, but that's oke with me! i'll start posting all my older icons and hopefully it will motivate me to make some more icons. :-)

so please, go check out Beautifully Broken! (if only to see the pretty header i made *teehee*)

b_broken_ b_broken_ b_broken_
b_broken_ b_broken_ b_broken_
b_broken_ b_broken_ b_broken_

we also have a icontest comm in the works, we're just trying to work out how to attract the right group of members.
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blue sky kate

100 Movies in 2006

I'm stealing this idea from singingrl, who stole it from someone else...

"I'm going to attempt to watch 100 movies in 2006 and I'll record my progress here"

Doesn't it sound FUN?? :D

01. Bad Santa- What a strange funny movie. I don't think the plot was overly original or groundbreaking, but the whole thing with him sort of getting a concience and doing a sweet thing at the end, while still being an ass, was a nice touch. It wasn't an unrealistic sugary sweet overnight personality change, so i liked how that was handled. Otherwise, it was dirty humour and was pretty funny for the most part.




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blue sky kate

A Year Ago Today

One year ago, on this day, I married the love of my life.

(I can't believe he put up with me this long)

Image hosted by

You've made me happier than i've ever been, I love you so much.
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Credits and Resources

All of my resources up to about two weeks a go- I do have more to add,
I will get to it, I just have a rotten memory, so it may take a few
days for me to get it completely current.  I have probably linked
a lot of lj users whose resources I haven't used yet, BUT I have you
linked ANYWAY because I've downloaded your stuff and may use it later
and yea well, rotten memory and all, this is just easier- so the
list is rather long, but oh well!!  At least I have all my bases
covered this way.

EDIT: I've been a bit slack lately with updating this. I've marked a lot of entries where i've gotten resources to my memories, and i will get around to going over them all and putting them in here also. Huge apologies...

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Long list, I know. If you're not on it and you know i;ve used your resources, check my memories, and if you're still not on there, lemme know!!